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Boron Steel End Bits manufacturers Avatar
Boron Steel End Bits manufacturers
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

Shandong Sun Wearparts Co., Ltd (SUNMACH) was founded in July 2011, located in hi-tech zone of Jining Shandong Province. With its 25,000 sqm plant, Sunmach produces OEM parts for bulldozers, wheel graders, loaders and excavators of domestic main machine brand and other after markets brands. Our Factory We have 25,000 sqm plant with 158 employees, annual manufacture capacity is over 35,000 tons. Our Product Our main products are G.E.T. parts such as cutting edges, end bits, teeth, ripper shanks and other undercarriage parts like sprocket segment and track shoes, facing construction, mining and agricultural industries. Product Application Bulldozers, wheel graders, wheel loaders, excavators and other construction and mining machinery equipments. Our Certificate ISO9001:2008 Certification; ISO14001:2015 certification; EATON Heat Treatment Certification Production Equipment High-speed CNC Drilling Machine / CNC Punching Machine / Continuous Heat-treatment+Spray Quenching equipment / Automatic painting line. Production Market Products are exported to more than 100 countries in Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on. Annual sales revenue of 2019 is of 140 million. Our Service Pre-sales: we provide timely, accurate and comprehensive quotation, and related product information. Order Implement: follow up the production status of the order, ensure product quality and in-time delivery. After-sales: follow up the feedbacks from customers, help solving problems of products applying.Boron Steel End Bits manufacturers website:

Isolation Gown manufacturers Avatar
Isolation Gown manufacturers
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

Description The polyethylene-coated polypropylene isolation gown is made from polyethylene- coated polypropylene material, which offer Offers excellent fluid protection for worry-free job performance. Material 25-70gSMS,SMMS non-woven fabric Color BLUE Size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, or as your Request Advantages Breathable, dust-proof, waterproof, filter bacteria high density. Uses Mainly for medical treatment, including medical institutions outpatient clinic, ward, laboratory, rescue protection, outdoor construction protection, agriculture and animal husbandry protection, pharmaceutical science protection, survey protection.Isolation Gown manufacturers website:

Wholesale Medical Masks Avatar
Wholesale Medical Masks
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

[Model] KF-C P02 / KF-C P03 [Trademark] Children type KF-C P02 / KF-C P03 [Required standards) EN 14683: 2019 [Level] Type I [Specification] Ear hanging, Flat type 14.5cm*9.5cm [Structure end composition] This product consists of PPnorrwoven fabric. PPmelt-blown fabric. nose clip and ear loops. [Intended use] The disposable medical mask is intended to be worn to protect both the patient and other personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, particulate material, particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations. This is a non-sterile disposable single-use device. [Product performance] 1. Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): 鈮?5%; 2. Differential pressure (Delta-P) 3. splash resistance pressure (kPa): Not required 4. Microbial cleanliness: 鈮?0cfu/g [Instructions [Instructions for use] 1. Open the sealed package and take out the mask. 2. Attach the mask to the face and nose horizontally, with the nose dip pointing upwards. 3. Place the fingertips of both hands on the nose dip. from the middle position, with the fingers to press inward, and gradually move to the sides to make the nose dip of the mask fit the shape of the nose. 4. Pull the ear loops while wearing the mask on the ear; 5. Spread the pleated creases and extend the mask. [Precautions] 1. This product is a non-sterile type mask. 2. This product's validity period is 2 years. Please use within the validity period. 3. The product is disposable and cannot be reused or recycled After use. it shall be immediately destroyed or thrown into a special treatment box. 4. Please check the integrity of the package before use. Do not use the product if the package is damaged. 5. Do not use the product if you are allergic to it. 6. lncorrect wearing of this product may cause breathing difficulties. 7. Used masks are considered highly contaminated. it is essential that: a) The body of the mask is not touched by the fingers/hands of the wearer, b) Hands are disinfected (fuR hand disinfection) after mask removal; c) A mask is worn covering the nose and mouth of the wearer, at no time a mask is hanging around the neck of the wearer [Validity period) 2 years [Storage and transportation conditions] The packaged medical mask shall be stored in a room with normal temperature and relative humidity of no more than 80%. no corrosive, gas, good ventilation, and fire, rat and insect prevention facilities. During transportation, keep away from moisture, light and heat. [Package] 50pcsJbag. [Production date] See package [Lot number] See packageWholesale Medical Masks website:

Dual Screen Cash Register factory Avatar
Dual Screen Cash Register factory
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

Product Description锛?/strong> Nowadays锛孨ew retail stores have been equipped with smart hardware devices锛孎or example,鈥漵can code payment鈥漚nd 鈥渟elf-service cashiers鈥濓紝It is designed to provide customers with a more user-friendly and interesting service, and allows face-to-face payment without the need for the password. Wabon HLS420 Restaurant Cash Register is powered by Android 5.1 and quad-core 1.8Ghz, maintains a catering system and software, and HLS420 pos terminal can be customized for Android or Windows operating systems to meet your requirements. With all-in-one desktop design, Wabon HLS420 cashier till is stylish and simple, high level in recognition, flexible deployment . Wabon HLS420 till registers supports face payment, WeChat payment, AliPay and so on. In the smart restaurant, customers can choose to pay with a smiley face or by scanning the QR code displayed on the customer's screen. Product Parameter锛?/strong> Power Supply VoltageDC 12V/3A CPURK3288 A17 Quad-Core 1.8GHz Memory2G Hard Drive8G SystemAndroid 5.1 LCD screenPrimary Screen: 15.6" 1920*1080 LCD Secondary Screen: 11.6" 1366*768 LCD Touch screenMain Screen: G+G capacitive touch screen Printer Module58mm thermal printer without cutter Horn3W4惟 MaterialPlastic Size380*260*415MM Options1. Available for Windows or Android 2. Customizable subpanels of different sizes Product Features锛?/strong> 1.High-performance Android motherboards. 2.15.6" + 11.6" touch screen display. 3.High quality 58mm thermal printer. 4.All-in-one desktop design, sleek, simple, highly recognizable and flexible deployment. Product Details: 1.Plastic housing. 2.15.6-inch touchable HD main screen. 3.Print Module. 4.Customizable sub-screen 5.USB port/LED etc. for brightness adjustment/power supply port/Ethernet port/button switch Packaging and shipping Pearl wrap protection + wooden bracket to ensure that the product is transported intact. Logistics service support SF/DHL/FEDEX Application Scenario: Self-service supermarkets, fresh markets, chain restaurants, coffee shops, specialty stores, convenience storesDual Screen Cash Register factory website:

Biodegradable Reusable Bamboo Spoon in stock Avatar
Biodegradable Reusable Bamboo Spoon in stock
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

鈽匫ur History Found in 2009,Yachen industrial group is located in Ningbo city which is one of the main port in China.VVG is new LOGO especially for eco-friendly products. 鈽匫ur mission In order to save our beautiful world,we are devoted to find and use biodegradable and natural material into our products. 鈽匫ur Factory Over 10-year professional party manufacturing experience 鈽匫ur Product Bamboo Pulp Paper straws,plates,cups and napkins Bamboo tissue facial paper,toilet paper,kitchen paper Sugarcane Bagasse cups,plates,bowls ,food container Products made from Natural plant. 鈽匬roduct Application birthday party,wedding ceremony,baby shower,Christmas and Halloween 鈽匫ur Certificate LFGB, FSC,BSCI,FDA 鈽匬roduction Equipment Non-dust work place,auto-matic machine 鈽匬roduction Market USA,Canada,Russia,European countries,Australia 鈽匫ur Service We can supply with OEM design service,professional sales team service, and Quality inspection serviceBiodegradable Reusable Bamboo Spoon in stock website:

VW T1 Food Truck price Avatar
VW T1 Food Truck price
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

Description On the street, when people see ice cream trucks, hot dog trucks or mobile coffee shops carried by this kind of Volkswagen T1, they can't help but stop for a while and have a strong desire to watch or even buy. For street food sellers, the appearance of the Volkswagen T1 dining car itself is a kind of advocating advertisement, which is also a magic weapon to make you stand out from many (food vendors) competitors. Therefore, friends who want to engage in food and retail business, what are you waiting for? Come and consult our Vintage food trucks pls, we will provide you with the most professional and quick answer. According to the original size of the Volkswagen T1 fast food van, because the actual internal height is only about 1.5 meters, we must find a way to open the roof of the dining car to increase the operating height if we want to ensure that the chef is standing and operating normally. According to the different ways of opening the roof, the Volkswagen vintage food truck is mainly divided into two categories (1) Side opening type, * (2) opening type. As shown below, you can clearly see the two different types In addition to the Volkswagen mobile vintage food truck, we still have several other different modles of food trucks&vans&trailers, these below pictures are just for your reference.VW T1 Food Truck price website:

Roller Blinds Made in China Avatar
Roller Blinds Made in China
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

Motorized Roller Blinds A set of motorized roller blinds mainly includes a tubular motor, a aluminum tube, a piece of fabric and a remote control. The diameter of aluminum tube is 38cm and a 蠁25 tubular motor is built into the roller blinds. The motorized roller blinds are widely used in office buildings, cafes, hotels, hospitals and kitchens. With motorized roller blinds, you don鈥檛 need to manually open the roller blinds one by one. You can achieve opening and closing of multiple roller blinds at the same time. Roller blind fabrics BlackoutHalf-shadingRoller Blinds Made in China website:

low price anti bacterial hand gel sanitizer Avatar
low price anti bacterial hand gel sanitizer
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Founded in 2013, Vikcom is a professional supplier for epidemic prevention products, we are sourcing the most reliable products& manufactuers with CE/FDA/TUV certifications, providing the overvalued services to our customers. Our professional QC team can help to ensure every single product you purchased from us is well qualified and with top safety. Our Productlow price anti bacterial hand gel sanitizer website:

Automatic Blow Moulding Machine price Avatar
Automatic Blow Moulding Machine price
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

Vfine plastic bottle making Machine full automatic, full servo system Application scope Full automatic blow molding machine is suitable for producing PETplastic containers and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle cooking oil bottle, chemical product container, cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc. Features of main blowing machine 1). Stable performance with advanced PLC. 2). Automatic preform conveyer to save human cost. 3). Preform self-rotation and infrared pre-heater revolution assure the even distribution of heat, which improve the bottle shaping rate, increase the production. 4). High adjusting performance to enable preheat the preforms perfectly by adjust the voltage control area in the PLC, which could adjust the temperature of the infrared lights in the pre-heater, and keep the proper temperature and humidity invariable. 5). High safeties with security automatic-locking device in each mechanical action, which will make the production into a perfect safe environment, in case of the breakdown in certain procedure. 6). Satisfaction with different atmospheric pressure for blowing and mechanical action by dividing the blowing and action into three parts in the air pressure diagram of the machine. 7). Strong clamping force with high pressure and double crank links to lock the mould. 8). Two ways of operating: automatic and manual. 9). Low cost,high efficiency,easy operation and maintenance etc, profited from the fully automatic technological process. 10). Ideal cooling system make the finished bottles without any flaws. 1.1 New Auto Preform Unscrambler System. *Adopts one-way preform-feeding structure and preform-separating by servo motor structure which solve the preform block and abrasion problem. *There are two photoelectric sensors to control preform-loading motor and preform-separating cylinder that will warn the operator to add the preforms into the hopper when lacks preform instead of stopping the machine. 1.2 New Heating System. *Perfect heating system design decrease power consumption. *Special oven design helps power saving and easy maintain. *Each lamp position and temperature can be adjusted from screen. *Cycling water-cooling system keeps the oven temperature constantly. 1.3 The Application Of Servo System On Main Transmission. The transmission adopts servomotor for positioning that can orientate the preform-heating base quickly, accurately and steadily when the machine starts and running. 1.4 Servo Technology Innovation On Clamping System & Stretching. *Adopts servo motor to drive the two cranks to control the clamping system which can shorten the mold-clamping time and improve productivity, and also solve the swelling mold and big joint line problem with the effect of pressurize plate. * Servo motor using for stretching to ensure the bottle blowing speed faster and more stable bottle quality. 1.5 Easy To Change Bottle Shape. *Drawer type mold structure design is easy for mold changing. Within 30minutes can change a mold on the condition of same bottleneck diameter. 1.6 Intelligent Human-Machine Interface. *Human-machine interface control, easy operate and monitor. *Live production information supervise, auto record production data everyday ItemYF-4LEYF-6EYF-6LEYF-9E Cavity Number4669 Machine output5500-6000bph8500-9000Bph8500-9000bph12000-13000bph Max. volume2L0.75L2L0.75L Bottle mouth maximum diameter18-38mm18-38mm18-38mm18-38mm Bottle maximum diameter105mm70mm105mm70mm Bottle maximum height330mm260mm330mm260mm total power/ Installation power69KW53KW98KW76 Actual power consumption25-28KW28-35KW30-35KW40-45kw operating pressure7kg7kg7kg7kg Low pressure air consumption1500L/min1500L/min1500L/min1500L/min High pressure air pressure25-35kg/cm225-35kg/cm225-35kg/cm225-35kg/cm2 Higher pressure air consumption5000Ltr/min7000Ltr/min8000Ltr/min10000 Ltr/min Chilling water pressure2-6 kg/cm22-6 kg/cm22-6 kg/cm22-6 kg/cm2 Temperature range10-12鈩?/p>10-12鈩?/p>10-12鈩?/p>10-12鈩?/p> Consumption45000kcal/hr45000kcal/hr54000kcal/hr54000kcal/hr Chilling water flow rate150L/min150L/min180L/min180L/min Size of the machine(L*W*H)4x2.15x2.54x2.15x2.55.5x2.15x2.55.5x2.15x2.5 Weight of the machine6.5ton6.5ton8ton8ton Machine details 1)Oil free preform transferring unit, no concern about the preform polluted in transferring unit when heated. 2)World famous brand Germany origin components for whole air system; World famous brand servo system, and electrical system. 3)High quality of machine frame and main plates, ensure at least 15years lifetime. 4)Slight and silent clamping unit, ensure nice working environment for operators 5)+/-3% heating output difference only for the heating oven, ensure the stable preform heating for stable product quality. Single line preform infeeding unit, no need concern about the preform jam.Automatic Blow Moulding Machine price website:

Automatic Steel Welding Pipe Machine Avatar
Automatic Steel Welding Pipe Machine
Created by yek698 on Apr, 20 2021 with 1 Members

About Us Foshan Vello Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the suppliers specialized in manuafacturing high-end industrial welded pipe equipment and providing one-stop service in China. Based on 3 workshops( one material cutting workshop, one CNC center, one Assembly center), Yuanjianlan machinery manufacturing plant鈥檚 years of continuous improvement and pioneering experience, our company provides industrial precision welded pipe production line(maximum out diameter 762mm), high end precise S.S. welded tube mill, high precise S.S. hose tube mill, high speed S.S. small size welded tube mill as well as our service including: welded line leveling equipment, online bright annealing system, welded line tracking system, online EDDY monitor system and others. At present, industrial welded pipe equipment ( Yuanjianlan) occupies a large share in the Chinese domestic market. Our company adheres to the market policy of high efficiency, high quality and high cost performance. Since it鈥檚 establishment, the long-term cooperation customers include Wenzhou Futian Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Wanhua Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Wenzhou Bozhong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Foshan XingRong Stainless Steel Material Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Yunjia Metal Products Co., Ltd, Wuxi Renzhi Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, and many other large industrial pipe manufacturers. With years, we also sold to solid foreign market as Vietnam, India, America, Middle East and Europe in strict accordance with international standards. After years of unremitting efforts, we have many leading technologies in the world, such as L type combination molds( we got patent in China), which from the OD356mm to OD630mm we can use same shaping molds; High speed industrial welded line, the most fast and stable line could control the pipe OD tolerance under 5mm; High speed welded line tracking system; Heat preservation type bright solid solution equipment. It is highly recognized by users due to 50% improvement of production efficiency. Since its establishment, we have always believed in the twelve words policy of Vello Machinery: Service, Quality, Unique, Accuracy, Reliable, Efficiency.Automatic Steel Welding Pipe Machine website:

Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co.,Ltd Avatar
Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co.,Ltd
Created by lci975 on Mar, 19 2021 with 1 Members

Shenzhen Sunsoar Circuit Technology is specialized in Printed Circuit Board & PCB Assembly including components sourcing, functional test and complete assembly for clients all over the world. All of our base materials and process can meet ROHS and UL international certifications. We stand behind our reputation and have a 100% quality and customer's service promise.If there is any defects for our products, our team will go back to produce a new batch of products that is in conformity with every specification you have requested for. Our PCB capabilities range from 1-18 layers prototypes and full production pcb manufacturing , with special features such as blind & buried vias, controlled impedance,heavy copper, via fill and more,Also we can deliver Single-Side PCB and Double-side PCB Prototype within 24 hours, 4-8 layer PCB Prototypes in 3-5 working days.The quick and fast lead time stably ensures our customer of quick research speed to occupying the market. For the convenience of better cooperating with our customers, we purchased and reestablished a SMT factory in 2012. By introducing into advanced management system and adding advanced high speed SMT machines, multifunctional SMT machines, 12 wet HALS lead free hot air reflow machine and ICT testing machine facilities, we ensure our customers with high quality, speedy SMT prototype and medium batch quantity services. Nowadays, with our 9-year OEM PCB & PCBA experience,we have built up our own Research & Development Department to develop Yunlife Series new smart household finished product such as humidifier diffuser,night light, so that we are able to provide more different customers with more our new mart and healthy products. We rely heavily on customer and manufacturing feedback to produce a world-class production,our staff enjoys supporting customers to find a solution to reduce cost of products without sacrifice quality.Sunsoar will be your right choice.